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Ordering is a breeze. Contact us via phone or email to discuss your project. Based on your specific needs, whether it’s a municipal project, amusement park, botanical garden, farm, zoo, drive thru Christmas light show, walk thru festival, or residential setup, we will collaborate to determine the ideal size, 2D or 3D display, and the perfect lighting type, be it vibrant pixels, classic C7 bulbs, or charming Mini Lights.



We embrace all forms of inspiration.  From napkin sketches to professional CAD blueprints – we take them all.  Our team renders your vision, ensuring alignment and clarity.

Candy Cane Tunnel Fabricated


Our skilled fabricators and welders work their magic in Jacksonville, FL.  Made in the U.S.A., no international shipping delays, no questionable materials.

Candy cane drive thru Tunnel with tree, ornament and teddy bear


Whether you crave the traditional glow of classic lights or the dynamic dance of RGB integration, we’ve got you covered. From entrance marquees to standalone wonders, we know how to dazzle.

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With our wide range of traditional and RGB integrated lights, your display will dazzle and shine.

Holiday Lights At The Beach custom wireframe from Mega Light Show
3D Train by Mega Light Show

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3D Train by Mega Light Show